In the movie “Rocky Balboa”, Rocky’s opponent, Mason ‘The Line’ Dixon taunts him by calling Rock “old man.” With missing a bit, Rock says, “You’ll get there.” Everyone gets there sooner or later, but not everyone has to embrace the characteristics of old age. Here are some delay tactics:


Stay Physically Active


For some, the worst part of the “golden years” is the inability of the body to keep up in the same way it used to. Elderly people get tired faster and recover more slowly. They are more susceptible to injuries, particularly broken bones. The best way to cope with this is to adjust favorite sports and exercise routines to fit your new reality. Trade tennis for racquetball. Trade running for bike riding or walking. Trade extreme sports for golf. Essentially, if you find an activity that you like which does not involve high impact to the body, you are in business. You will keep your muscles toned, keep your heart healthy, and keep your body accustomed to physical activity.