In the insightful movie “Shallow Hal”, the main character learns not to judge people by their appearance. To illustrate the point, the move has characters that are disabled, victims in a burn unit, and just plain normal, homely people. However, the main theme of the movie is how people react to the overweight. People have lots of reasons to be overweight. Unfortunately, it is only natural that a common reaction to their appearance is a bit of shock, from a society that is (forgive the cliché) programmed toward the slender. Not everyone can do something about their condition, but if you are ready to try, here are some natural remedies to avoid being fat, and some ways to slim down if you are.


Start An Exercise Program

Overweight man doing fitnessiSTOCK

For many, this will be a superior solution than starting with a diet. Why? Because of the many factors that influence the desire to overeat, one of the most powerful is the survival drive initiated by the body itself. When a person is sedentary, the animal mind assumes that the he or she is preparing to hibernate (and in a way, maybe they are!) It programs the body to eat a lot and store fat for the winter. Conversely, when the person is active, the body assumes that the person is getting ready to hunt and changes the appetite towards building muscle and slimming down so that the person can “catch that bison” or whatever. One tip: make sure that you are having fun exercising so that you will keep at it. Take advantage of all those endorphins and make exercise a reward. Especially be sure not to overdo and injure yourself. A good plan to stay active may be the most important thing you can do to stay fit or become fit.