Remember when you were young and your mom used to tell you not to eat certain foods because they would give you nightmares? Well that may have not been true, but there are definitely foods out there that can cause you to pack on pounds or disrupt your metabolism if you eat them before bedtime. Here are 10 of those foods and the reasons that it’s best to avoid them when you have a late-night craving.

1. Whole Milk


Aside from the fact that you probably shouldn’t be drinking whole milk unless you’re a toddler, because of all the fat, lactose in whole milk will mess up your digestive system and may make you wake up with an upset stomach. And the fact that lactose breaks down into pure sugar isn’t doing your body much good either. When your body metabolizes lactose, it creates a sugar rush that leads to a sugar crash and the munchies. Who wants the munchies at 3am when you have to get sleep?