Professional athletes can benefit from home remedies. Home remedies are often cheap and made from common household ingredients that you may have already stored away in a cupboard or pantry. You might even have the ingredient of a home remedy growing in your flower garden. Calendula, or marigolds, are not only beautiful flowers, they are powerful medicinal flowers. They fight inflammation and promote healing of wounds. They have antibiotic and antifungal properties.

The home remedies cure injuries that could otherwise slow the athletes down or sideline them altogether. Amar’e Stoudemire is one such athlete; the NBA standout has been plagued by knee injuries. He has found a home remedy called vinotherapy. He recommends the French therapy of using the branches, vines, skins, and seed extracts of red wine grapes for healing purposes. It reduces inflammation and increases circulation and blood flow. It has improved his recovery times between games.

Professional football players are consistently in pain. They are injured week in and week out from taking hits that make fans jump to their feet or groan in disbelief. The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants football team are a couple of the NFL teams that use yoga as a home remedy for pain relief. Yoga is good for flexibility, balance, and pain relief. It is becoming more accepted by mainstream athletes, and some teams have yoga instructors on staff. The Denver Nuggets professional basketball team also has incorporated yoga into its team’s workout regime. Since the players are so tall, we wonder if their mats are custom made for their heights.

NBA players are often seen limping off the court in pain from cramps. Players of high caliber, such as LeBron James, also are seen suffering from cramps as they are helped from the court. He could use the age old home remedy of consuming cinnamon to prevent these bouts of cramps. Home remedies work to keep professional athletes out on the court or on the field. They can’t perform and entertain the crowds of fans if they are sidelined with injuries. Surgeries and lengthy recovery times are not good for the players, the teams, or the fans. Prevention used to be the key to staying in the game in top form.


Amar’e Stoudemire’s Vinotherapy


Red wine bath remedy is used by Amar’e Stoudemire to help his knees. It increases circulation and the bath gets really hot because he mixes the red wine into hot bath water, like a hot tub. He has had surgery on his knees in the past, and the red wine bath helps keep him able to play at his best.

Vinotherapy reduces inflammation and helps improve circulation. People who experience vinotherapy are not actually bathing in the drinking wine. They are bathing in a concoction made of grape skins, grape branches, vines, and leaves. The grape seeds contain polyphenols that work in a similar manner to vitamin E in that it rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles.