If it tastes good it can’t be healthy, can it? But as it turns out, some of your favorite indulgences just might be good for you. While this doesn’t give you permission to binge indiscriminately, it is worth noting that there are some dieting sins that are actually saintly. Here’s proof that some of the foods you love are actually good for you:

Dark Chocolate

Beautiful girl eating the chocolateSOURCE

Chocolate fans, rejoice. As it turns out, this sugary favorite is good for the heart, literally. The properties of dark chocolate have been shown to help reduce blood pressure (thanks to one compound found in chocolate- flavonoids- which help increase the flexibility of veins and arteries). They can even help reduce your chances of developing diabetes thanks to reducing the potential for insulin resistance and dark chocolate, of course, can reduce stress. Some studies even suggest that dark chocolate can improve your cognitive thinking. And we mean it when we say dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a higher proportion of cacoa, which is what contains the beneficial compounds such as flavonoids. So indulge but be smart about it.