Let’s face it. The Kardashians are everywhere. Whether you like them or not you can’t deny that they have a huge influence on fashion trends and, as it so happens, even on health fads. It may not surprise you that the Kardashians have some weird diet habits. Here’s a taste of the Kardashians and their fad diets (no pun intended).

Kourtney Starts Her Mornings With Ghee


Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t start her mornings with orange juice. The Kardashian prides herself on eating healthy and one trick she’s found? Eating ghee. Ghee is basically just melted and clarified (which means the milk proteins have been removed) butter. Kourtney Kardashian eats about a teaspoon of it for breakfast, claiming it offers a lot of health benefits. And she may be right. Ghee has potassium although it is a bit high in fat. Still, fat’s an important nutrient, albeit one with a bad reputation.