Pop Stars don’t want to be left out of the natural remedy craze. Their bodies have been subjected to any number of things including letting fish nibble on their feet. If you have ever been to the lake, you know that fish like to swim near and tickle your toes, but one star’s beauty secret for fabulous looking feet takes this one step further. She allows the fish to actually eat away at the dry skin callousing her lovely feet. It is a Japanese home remedy that she has brought with her back to the states. Unfortunately, some states have determined that this practice is dangerous not only to the people undergoing the treatment, but to the fish as well!

Using olive oil, peppermint oil, and apple cider vinegar are among the trendy treatments that pop stars are indulging in. Some stars are even willing to get a vitamin injection because it is the popular thing to do. There have been so many people taking Vitamin B 12 shots that there was an actual shortage in the United States so that people who really need the shot because they are deficient could not get one to correct their symptoms.


Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez and Kelly Clarkson use olive oil to loosen up their vocal chords before performing. Keeping your throat moist can help prevent your voice from cracking. Most singers just hydrate with water, but olive oil is a moisturizer and can prevent your voice from breaking in mid-song. These songstresses never seem to miss a note so the olive oil really must be working for them.

Next time that you have a performance and want your voice to sound at its best and not have to reach for the water bottle so often, give yourself a dose of olive oil. Your throat will not dry out while you are talking or singing. You will definitely feel a difference, and those who are listening to you will appreciate that you are not having to clear your throat or stop to sip water in between.