When you think of the type of people who use natural remedies, images of hippies, incense-smelling pot smokers, and people trying to save a buck often come to mind. Celebrities have tons of money and unlimited resources to get the best medical and skincare treatments, and yet some have found that the best remedies are unconventional and can sometimes be found in the pantry or medicine cabinet.

Some of their natural remedies are quirky and not readily available, but some are easy to do and cheap to make. The next time you are looking for a new way of doing things, try one of these ideas. Even if they sound crazy, you can pretend like you are famous as well and not care what anyone else thinks.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Likes Her Beer


While most people choose to enjoy an icy cold beer at a ballgame or outside barbeque, Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoys hers in the shower. She mixes the beer with honey and then uses the concoction as a conditioner for her hair. She says that although she smells like a brewery afterwards, it is worth it for her shiny locks.